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From: Ernesto Verdugo

Dear Internet user, if you're like any other Internet user you've got your favorite websites right?

Perhaps you're a frequent user of: Google, YouTube, FACEBOOK, Myspace, your bank's website and a couple of others you possibly cannot mention of the top of your mind...

My question to you is:

Are those the ONLY useful websites on the Internet?


FACT: The majority of Internet users use frequently an average of 6 1/2 websites ONLY, simply because those are the only ones they know!

Hi Ernesto,

Just had a browse of the Amazingly Useful website (and not only that, I had downloaded them too), and I must say THANK YOU very much for putting all that effort to help us. They are extremely useful and I commend you for doing all that work.

You are a blessing!

May you continue having a prosperous life. And hope to meet you one day in your seminars in Dubai.

Salam from Muscat, OMAN


Every Internet user LOVES finding NEW and USEFUL websites, the problem is they don't have the time nor the patience to search for them. 

And it's no wonder... according to Wikipedia the current amount of known websites is close to 80,000,000!

That's why I thought it was my civil duty as an avid Internet user to share with the world a guide to the most amazingly useful websites on the Internet.

Inside this guide I've included a list to the TOP 20 underground websites in a number of categories including:

The Most Useful Productivity Tools EVER

The Most Useful 'Virtual Office' Resources
The Most Useful Blogs and Blogging Resources
The Most Powerful Audio & Video Tools
The Most Useful Email Applications
The Most Effective SEO and Webmaster Resources
The 25 Mailing Lists You MUST Be On

The 50 Most Powerful Internet Marketing Tools

and much much more!

The coolest thing about this list of amazingly useful websites is that most of them are absolutely FREE and only very few people know about them!

This list of amazingly useful websites took my team and I almost 3 months of research to compile and soon I will offer it for sale at $47.00 but for a limited time I will give away the guide for FREE as my way to help build Internet Literacy in the world!

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Thanks a million

Enjoy your FREE guide

Ernesto Verdugo


I respect YOUR email privacy and hate spam with a passion!